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Authentication by legalization is the process of certifying a legal document for use in a foreign country. A foreign country's legal system will recognize this document with full legal effect. In most cases, the process begins with notarization. Please ensure that the documents you are submitting for processing are already notarized.

Select services from the list below. All steps are required for proper authentication

Please make sure that your documents are already notarized. Authentication is a multi-step, consecutive process. Each step listed below is required and can not be skipped. Once you place the order, please forward your notarized documents to us for processing as soon as possible.
Step-by-step authentication guide
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Legalization of documents

Legalization is a form of document authentication that is sometimes required by foreign governments in order to cross their borders. If you plan to use a U.S., UK, or India issued document while traveling overseas, authorities may necessitate that it be legalized in order to be considered valid. All countries have different legalization requirements. Contact VisaHQ if you have any questions regarding your situation.

Documents that frequently require legalization include:

Legalization requires multiple steps

Document legalization frequently requires the involvement of multiple entities. You will probably have to contact your local or state government, the U.S. government, and your destination country’s Embassy.

Let VisaHQ handle the tough stuff

Contact VisaHQ’s legalization and apostille advisers at info@visahq.com or call 1-800-345-6541. Traveling across international borders is confusing enough without extra steps. If you need an authentication or apostille, we can help. AuthenticationHQ offers the same seamless experience as VisaHQ, with a focus on quickly authenticating travel documents to get you where you’re going.